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I’m BAAAACK to blogging!

Hello my garmentoes and various other fans out there in this land of the internets!  It’s been waaaaay too long that I’ve been silent.  Well maybe not for you out there, but for me YES!  So instead of going BACK – I’m looking forward and from here on in it’s all ties, cooking, scarves, poodles, […]

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4 Uses for a Tie

4 Uses for a Tie – 50 Shades of Grey Style + [Contest to win FREE Ties]

Whether or not you’ve read the books, you’re familiar with the hype surrounding them; we are talking, of course, about E.L. James’s 50 Shades of Grey book series. Fortunately, we are not talking about the books in this article. No, dear readers, in this article we are talking about four ways to get more (fun) […]

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Photo Credit: Orley

Men’s Fashion Labels That Will Up Your Wardrobe Game

There is a lot to read about women’s fashion on the web, but there is comparatively less about men’s fashion online. For men who like to stay up to date with fashion and the latest trends in designer men’s wear, we have something that might make your day. When you’re finished checking out this compilation […]

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The Blazer: What is it, what do you wear it with, and how do you choose one?

The Blazer is the middle ground between sports coats and suit jackets. It’s a little dressy, but not too dressy, and it’s versatile. Blazers are differentiated from sports coats by a few traits. They are solid in color, and usually dark. The classic example is the dark navy blue blazer. Their texture is fine and […]

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